Thus begins the path of kings…

In the year 4710, the nation of Brevoy was torn with political strife. The peace that kept northern Issia and southern Rostland together was slowly breaking down after the disappearance in 4699 of the Rogarvia family, descendants of Choral The Conqueror, exactly 200 years after he united the land through violence and bloodshed. The swordlords of the Rostland city of Restov looked to increase their power in court against the current Regent of the Dragaonscale Throne; Lord Noleski Surtova, but they realised that it was not possible with the constant threat of the River Kingdoms on their southern borders.

In preparation for the power-play to come, the Swordlords sent four groups of brave men and women into the band of wilderness between the Brevoy border and the River Kingdoms known as ‘The Stolen Lands’. Each group was armed with a charter giving them to right to explore and then tame this wilderness, and ultimately protect Rostland’s border.

But things are not always what they seem, and in this land there are many questions that have yet to be answered. Why did the scions of the Choral disappear? Why do sensitive men and women dream of an threat from another world? Why does the Stolen Lands resist the encroachment of civilization so strongly?

"Never was anything achieved without great danger." -Machiavelli

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