"Never was anything achieved without great danger." -Machiavelli

Into the Stolen Lands

Session One

Book One: Stolen Land

A group of five adventurers, having been conscripted by the Swordlords, have ventured south from Brevoy into the Stolen Lands to explore and map the area. Their first stop was a small border fort since re-purposed to a Trading Post owned by Oleg and his wife Svetlana.

After some discussion with the proprietors; the group discovered that bandits were making regular calls every month and taking a good portion of Oleg’s goods with them. As their charter included a provision for dealing with banditry, the five adventurers decided to ambush them on the road.

The ambush worked better than expected as the bandits were caught completely unprepared — sitting on riding horses that were not combat trained. The party made short work of them, with Leah and Arlia’s animals, Tidewater and Nightrunner, mauling two to death, another falling to Daemo’s magic, and the last, and likely the leader of this group of bandits, being brought low by Silas and Shorn.


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