"Never was anything achieved without great danger." -Machiavelli

The Interrogation

Session Two

Book One: Stolen Land

Having resoundly defeated the bandits, the group set about ferreting out information from the two survivors, Happs Brydon and Brinn Devroy. While Happs remained unconscious, the group began the interrogation of Brinn, and managed to secure his aid in venturing towards the bandit camp where Kressle, leader of the bandits, made her home.

With information from Brinn learned, the group headed back to Oleg’s Trading Post where they began the interrogation of Happs, the leader of the group of four they defeated. While Shorn led the interrogation of Happs, Silas, with keen ears, found a hidden panel where a message in a bottle described the location of a treasure hoard to the east of Oleg’s.

Obscene and rude doesn’t being to describe Happs’ demeanor, nor does unrepentant. With the aid of Arlia and her bear, the group did manage to acquire some rather startling information – Kressle, who they had assumed was the force behind the bandits – had a superior, someone described as a “monster” by Happs, someone known only as the Stag Lord.


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